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Well, we’re exactly three weeks out from our inaugural mkeUX, and damned if we aren’t excited!

There has been some really good momentum and excitement within the Milwaukee tech community about the group. (Our Facebook group is up to 43 members & we have 41Twitter followers!) We’re stoked to see how that translates into a live, in-person meeting.

Here’s the thing
We want mkeUX to be as participatory as possible. Take our first presentation with Margot Blumstein & Gretchen Thomas, for example. It’s about Content Strategy.

CS is getting quite a lot of buzz in the broader tech world, but it doesn’t seem like something that crops up much in Milwaukee.

Is it something you’re familiar with?

  • If not, what do you want to know about it?
  • If yes, what seems like its benefits or shortcomings?
  • Have you employed a good CS within your organization? How’d it go?

We want everyone to feel like they can take the podium and get everything off their chest. We don’t want the meeting to break up just because the speakers have said their part. If it means convening at a bar or coffee shop to talk about it more post-meeting, that’s awesome. Perfect.

If you have some thoughts or questions prior to the meeting, leave a comment here. We’d love to get the conversation going in advance.

It’s a mystery
Exactly how everything will play out is a big question mark at this point. If you have any suggestions on what has or hasn’t worked with other groups you’ve participated in, let us know! We want to learn from what’s happened before – this will help us make OUR meetings as good and valuable as possible for everyone.

LAY IT ON US! We want to hear your thoughts. On everything. For serious.

19. May 2010 by Michael Seidel
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