it’s been a while

Do you mind if we talk a bit? It’s been a while. How are you doing? What’s new?

mkeUX has been like an old car – we start it and she runs for a bit, but then breaks down. Well, it’s time she was restored to her former glory. The problem is, it’s more than a two-person job to get mkeUX back on her feet. We need you. We miss you. mkeUX is only as good as the sum of the people that make her up.

So, dropping the car metaphor, what are we asking for? We need some volunteers to help get speakers and topics. Come on, we are a well connected group, right?! We know people, you know people, you are people, and all of these people have something to say and share about User Experience. Let’s make this happen. Send us links to presentations you want to give and dates. Send us summaries of what you want to say so we can announce it on this site. We’ll get a venue to host your talk, unless you already know of a place.  We’ll supply a decent projector and an amazing screen for you to project on.

We’ll work with you to make this happen.

We’ll even kick this round of mkeUX off by presenting something – Schooling Large Organizations on UX From Within. It’s our presentation we proposed to Midwest UX.  What do ya think? Should we give it a try? We are looking at a date in April to give this another try. We should have a location, date and time nailed down with in the next few days.

27. February 2012 by Mike Kornacki
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