it’s ux conference season

Springtime always feels like the start of UX conference season. From coast to coast, across the fruited plain, nerds are gathering in hotels, getting wired on bad coffee, sharing tips and tricks, tweeting like crazy, and typing feverish notes on their MacBook Pros.

We’re lucky to work for a company that supports sending team members to conferences each year. We’re expected to soak up tons of UX knowledge and bring back techniques that will enrich the way we practice.

Where mkeUX will be:

  • This weekend (March 4-5), @lordshales will attend MX 2012 – Managing Experience in San Francisco, CA. MX is a sold out conference held by the great people at Adaptive Path. It’s billed as: “A conference for people who take a leadership role in guiding better experiences into the world.”
  • March 21 – 25, 2012, @michaelseidel will attend the IA Summit in New Orleans. IA Summit is “the primary event for those redefining strategy and structure in support of cross-channel systems and user experiences.”
  • We recently submitted a proposal to present at MidwestUX. Hopefully we’ll hearing back about that soon! MidwestUX is “a unique two-day event that combines inspiring talks with hands-on activities presented by a mix of regional professionals and international experts.” It takes place May 31 – June 2, 2012 in Columbus, Ohio.

Other members of our team have attended or will attend:

  • In Control 2012, Feb. 20-21 in Orlando. This conference allows attendees to “learn from a diverse array of Web experts to use modern tools and techniques to refine [their] Web design craft now.” We’ll be posting a summary of this conference soon.
  • UX Week, Aug 21-24 in San Francisco. UX Week is “The premier user experience design conference. Design professionals from all over the world gather for four days of community, inspiration and skills building.”

What about you?
Going anywhere good? We’d love to hear about it. so leave a comment!

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29. February 2012 by Michael Seidel
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