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In order to make mkeUX more communal, we’re looking for Milwaukee-area people to write for our blog.

Basically, we want to hear your thoughts on UX-related topics. This may include stuff like:

  • The politics of the critique
  • Intersection of Business Analysis and UX
  • Working with Developers
  • Mobile UX

Really, we’re open. There’s no commitment, no deadlines. If you have an occasional idea, pitch it to us. If you’ve previously written something for your own blog and want us to repost that, we’d be into that too. Posts need to be only ~500 words (we will likely edit the piece & get your approval before posting).

No biggie, right? Exciting? TOTALLY.

(Oh, uhhh. Before you ask, no, there’s no pay other than eternal gratitude. But you could maybe use it as experience on your resume!)

Email us: ideas@mkeux.com
Or DM on @mke_ux

29. February 2012 by Michael Seidel
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