mkeUX march 27th meeting recap


mkeUX had a fantastic restart last night! Presenters Kate Pociask (@kjpociask) and Alicia Boknevitz (@MkeNerd) facilitated a fascinating discussion about building a User Experience curriculum in higher education systems.

Typical to mkeUX form, we booked a venue (@burhearts) that we felt would be more than enough space for this meeting, but it ended packed to the gills with people thirsting for UX knowledge and whatever Burnhearts was serving. So many people, which was awesome! Thanks to everyone who attended for surviving our experiment in turning all of your into sardines for the night.

Kate and Alicia started the meeting off with explaining how they “fell” into UX. They laid out an issue that most of us have encountered in our careers: the scant awareness of UX in academia. UX is foreign career path to people coming out of college. So Kate and Alicia asked the audience to contribute suggestions for building a higher-ed UX curriculum. Their motive was to get the UX community to put their heads together and come up with ideas to pass over to Marquette University and the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee (UWM) with the hope of jump-starting some ideas around building UX programs for those schools.

Here’s the list that we all assembled so far:

  • Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines
  • – “It’s so much more than Pinterest for web design”
  • Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug
  • Edward Tufte usability reviews or any of his books
  • The Design of Everyday Things by Donald Norman
  • Overviews of possible career paths
  • Collaborative projects (cross disciplinary, too!)
  • Assigned Mentors
  • Mandatory attendance of UX events or workshops
  • Lessons in failure
  • The value in UX
  • Agile methodology, iterative projects
  • One day event with keynote speaker and panels
  • Tap into Milwaukee’s rich talent pool (Eh? Anyone want to volunteer?)
  • Moderated panels with intro level talks and mentorship
  • Hackathon and designathon participation
-Introduce students to employers
  • Lunch and Learn events

Have anything else to add? Please leave a comment here or on Kate’s post on the mkeUX Facebook wall.

All-in-all, last night was a smashing event. Thanks everyone who came out attended and participated! And a very special thanks to Kate Pociask (@kjpociask) and Alicia Boknevitz (@MkeNerd) for bringing up this important topic.

Reminder – April 18th is the next #mkeUX meeting. Margot Bloomstein will read from her new book, Content Strategy at Work. Read the event details.  Hope to see you there!

28. March 2012 by Mike Kornacki
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