weekist links: week ending june 22

A short roundup of good things we’ve read/watched/listened to in the last 7 days. Sometimes about UX, sometimes not. All things you can learn from.

bobRossCracks in the Foundation


10 Timeframes. “Because even if you are dying you should still do user testing.”
The UPA, UXPA and the Manchester Sound
Bloggers & Bowerbirds “The value of hard-working discovery-centric blogs…is actually quite clear-cut: they’re created by our librarians, our culture-scouts, and often our unofficial scholars. And instead of working for salaries, they work in an economy of attention.”
Curator’s Code



5 Things Every Presenter Should Know About People, Animated
The Dipsea Demon – This documentary short follows 94-year old Jack Kirk on his 66th consecutive attempt at the seven-mile foot race known as The Dipsea.

22. June 2012 by Michael Seidel
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