weekist links: week ending may 3rd


A short roundup of good things we’ve read/watched/listened to in the last 7 days. Sometimes about UX, sometimes not. All things you can learn from.

  1. MUD: Minimal Viable Design
  2. “We don’t like make-believe. Make-believe doesn’t get us a great product.” Secrets From Facebook’s Mobile UX Testing Team
  3. Kicking-starting intrapreneurship: creating a design innovation program within a large company – a poster from the UX team at Citrix, presented at IA Summit 2013
  4. Microsoft – a pioneer of design?! The Flattening of Design
  5. No ideas are stupid.
  6. A really interesting take on coding color for colorblindness.

03. May 2013 by Michael Seidel
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