how we designed the new mkeUX

When we launched this site waaaay back in 2010, we had one goal: Simplicity

We understood most people were visiting the site to find out about our meetups. So we designed it around communicating info about meetings.

It looked like this:


As time passed, we started writing micro-posts about the upcoming presentations, so we had to link people off from the main page to the main blog page. This started to break the simplicity and cohesiveness of the design.

Also, as we move deeper into the two thousand teens, responsiveness and all that become more and more of an imperative. Our site wasn’t responsive. Add lack of responsiveness to lack of simplicity and you get REDESIGN.

So what you’re looking at today is that REDESIGN.

We’ve done the following:

  • Kept focus on upcoming meetings
  • Made the site responsive
  • Integrated the blog into the main page design

It’s nothing uber-fancy. But that’s what we’re going for: scaled back, cut and dry. As long as you can get info about meetings, we feel we’ve done our job.

We’d love to get your thoughts as a user of the site. Please leave feedback on this post and let us know how we did.

18. December 2013 by Michael Seidel
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