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My good friend Angelina Cole (@amcole526) is rebooting the UX Book Club here in Milwaukee and wants to kick everything off on January 22nd. I can’t think of a better person to run this club than her!

Angelina was kind enough to write a blog post about the club and what she hopes to accomplish with it. So, here it is…

Since September I’d been looking for a way to become more integrated into the Milwaukee UX community. A friend of mine tipped me off to the MKEUX group and after hearing Mike talk about bringing UX culture to an organization, I was energized.


I searched for a book club in MKE to shore up gaps in my knowledge as it dawned on me that UX was something I was extremely and innately passionate about. To my dismay, the one that was listed in MKE was defunct both online and on LinkedIn. I wrote out a few emails and posted on the wall asking for details on the next meeting and heard nothing for quite some time.


In that time I spoke with some other connections in the industry. While talking to one of them over Skype, she suggested I hold myself and the community accountable in knowledge-sharing and start a book club of my very own. After we hung up the call I considered the concept for a good 30 minutes.


The more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t let go of the idea.


My own list of reading had grown over a foot tall so I rationalized that the best way to kick start that immense learning project was to seek a community to keep me accountable. In December, I started the book club on meetup.com.


You can join myself and 20 complete strangers at meetup.com/uxbookmke and on January 22 (location details coming soon) to discuss Tom and Dave Kelley’s Creative Confidence. We hope to see you there!

06. January 2014 by Mike Kornacki
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