Donations needed to buy a new projector screen


We need your help with buying a new projector screen!

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If you’ve ever been to one of our meetups, you’ve likely noticed that our projector screen is a cold war relict, a heavy metal artifact of another, clunkier age. The screen is dented from years of being rolled up and unused. The thing weighs a TON. Kornacki lovingly but unkindly refers to it as THE ALBATROSS.

If the thing was an automobile, it’d qualify for a collector’s plate. But as a screen, well, it’s just an old piece of junk.

Time, dudes…it moves on.

This is where you can help.

mkeUX has always been and will always be FREE to attend. We run it without a budget (all event space is lovingly donated). As someone who has attended meetings, met new people, and learned new stuff, can you give back by helping us buy a new screen?

We’re looking to gather ~$150 for a screen like this one. (update: We met our goal!)

We’ll remove the link as soon as we’ve met our goal.

So what do you say…will you help project us into the modern age? We’ll love you forever.

02. July 2014 by Michael Seidel
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  1. The old screen is a cold war relic, huh?

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