Lightning talks – share your work!

Hi mkeUXers, you do great work! You improve a processes, make users lives easier, and make beautiful and functional work you’re proud of. We’d love to see that work shown off at an upcoming mkeUX event.

Anyone who’s interested can contact Tony Beuche.

Here’s what we’re thinking so far, but we’re open to ideas

  • 5-10 minutes per person
  • Talk about the problem and showing your solution, or show an old design and your improvement. Screenshots are great!
  • We love simple elegant solutions, well executed designs, and intuitive new experiences.
  • Consumer stuff is sometimes easier to relate to, but if you have something you can show that you’re proud of from other spaces, we like to show that too.
  • If you’re concerned about whether you CAN share the work, it doesn’t hurt to check with a manager. A lot of the time there are exceptions for educational purposes like this.

Again, anyone who’s interested should contact Tony Beuche. Sending an email doesn’t commit you to anything. We’re excited to hear about your work and ideas!

No dates have been set for this session, but we’re targeting June, based on interest.

17. February 2016 by Michael Seidel
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  1. Sounds like fun. What date are you planning on holding this event?

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