an interview with Cameron Vetter

In this post, we learn more about our Nov 29 speaker, Cameron Vetter. We’re excited for his talk,  Augmented Reality – Let’s Make Some Holograms!


Where are you currently employed and what is your primary focus of your daily workload?

I’m currently employed at Safenet Consulting. My title is Senior Software Architect, but I’m not exclusively an architect, I consider myself a developer, architect, tester, scrum master, product owner, and designer. My current primary focus is working with Microsoft Cognitive Services developing an app for Windows, OSX, IOS, and Android. Since I’m a consultant this could change at anytime to something completely different. I also get involved with new clients and help understand their needs and how they align with the resources that Safenet has available.

What inspired you to talk about this topic?
The first time I saw HoloLens was at Build 2014 in San Francisco. Initially I thought this was an April Fools joke by Microsoft, and that there couldn’t be anyway this exists with current technology. At Build 2015 I was lucky enough to get to do a hands on demo of the HoloLens, and I knew that I wanted to design and develop applications on that platform. I applied to become a developer as soon as they started accepting applications to get early hardware and began developing as soon as I got my HoloLens. I have learned a lot about developing for the platform and much of what I have learned remains undocumented, so I decided to start sharing what I have learned.

Where else will you be presenting this talk?
I will be presenting this talk at Milwaukee Dev Camp and I will present this at a Safenet Lunch and Learn. I’m working on scheduling other conferences, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Anything else you’d like people to know about your talk?
This talk will be slightly different than the version I’m giving elsewhere. This version will largely skip over the code, and I will highlight the user interface challenges the designer faces in this space.

22. November 2016 by Michael Seidel
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