farewell mkeUX meetup group: 2010 – 2017

It’s with full hearts, that we announce that it’s time to say goodbye to the mkeUX meetup group.

Our hearts are so full because of all we’ve accomplished over the years.

UX in our fair city was in its infancy when we had our first meeting back in 2010 (content strategy was the topic – it was a year after the first book was written about CS). Today, in 2017, UX here is like a teenager: unpredictable, ill-defined, not really sure of who it is or where it’s going. It knows just enough to be dangerous. But it’s the kind of teenager with infinite promise–one who you know will iron out the wrinkles of youth soon and become something great.

As UX in Milwaukee approaches this new phase, we’re like proud parents who are ready to step into the background. Our goal now is to encourage this thing we invested so much of ourselves in to enter into the wider world, to be molded and matured into adulthood. Hopefully it takes influence from us. But more importantly, hopefully it becomes its own independent, beautiful thing.

We’re excited to see who steps up to usher in this new era. It should be you. And you. And you. We’re excited to provide you with guidance, advice, and encouragement. We’re excited for whatever comes next. We believe in you. The Milwaukee UX community is capable of anything.


  • To all our terrific presenters
  • For the amazing topics
  • All companies who sponsored our gatherings
  • Everyone who attended even a single meetup
  • To those who braved snowstorms and heatwaves to learn
  • To anyone who bought us a pint of beer–you’re the best!
  • For the laughs
  • To the active participators
  • To the quiet, mindful notetakers
  • For asking engaging, tough questions
  • For challenging the presenters
  • For challenging us
  • For challenging yourself

The past 7 years have been career-defining. It’s something we’ll remember always.

Michael Seidel & Mike Kornacki
Jan 13, 2017


13. January 2017 by Michael Seidel
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